Studio PI_Sneha Shanker_LUSH_Diwali Gift Wrap Final


When it came to commissioning artwork for their Diwali 2022 gift range, it was important for LUSH to work with an artist who celebrated and observed the festival and its rituals. It was a wonderful opportunity for a collaboration between LUSH and Sneha Shanker, who drew on her experience and cultural heritage to create two stunning designs: ‘The Light Within Us’ Knot Wrap and ‘Light Up The World’ Gift Wrap.

At the centre of Sneha’s approach was a desire to bring attention to the light of goodness and abundance that exists within every being. She combined decorative symbols from her own mixed upbringing from the North and South of India, including imagery that evokes beauty, liveliness, nature, luck, fertility and prosperity. Important iconography such as the golden pot of overflowing cosmic light energy, the lotus, and the Abhaya and Varada mudra, which embody the connection between giving and forgiveness. In the gift wrap, Sneha included additional elements such as the kolam made with rice flower – a form of traditional geometric decorative art drawn on the floor of every South Indian household, and the rangoli, both patterns of which are placed at the main entrance of a house to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi in.

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Studio PI_Sneha Shanker_LUSH_Diwali_Light_Up_The_World_Gift_Hero_2022