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We are delighted to reveal the results of the collaboration between Harriet Noble, Lady Garden Foundation, Havas and Don’t Beat Around the Bush in association with Gynae Cancer Awareness Month.

Harriet was commissioned to create a set of three illustrations centred around the little-talked-about and, let’s face it, taboo subject of gynae cancer. The brilliantly titled ‘Give Your Fanny Five’ campaign tackles the lack of awareness surrounding the ‘Silent Killer’ gynae cancers – Ovarian, Cervical, Uterine, Vulval and Vaginal – by encouraging people to spend the five minutes it takes to check for early key symptoms, getting to know what’s normal for you and what isn’t when it comes to your fanny.

Health awareness has always been crucial and personal subject matter for Harriet, and her illustrative style is the perfect foil for these hard to approach topics, providing warmth, humour and relatability in order to make the messaging more accessible and approachable.

Harriet’s recent interview and feature with Creative Review offers an in-depth look into her process, as well as her connection to and passion for topics surrounding women’s health and sexual health, so you can continue to learn more about the artist and her work here:

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