The Last Song

In an article for WeTransfer, WePresent asked eight DJ’s and music experts what the last song means to them: How does a DJ decide which track will close out their set? Briefed with the task of translating words about melodies, Ngadi Smart visualised the feeling of being entranced by ‘The Last Song’

Those interviewed emphasise the importance of the end track, being able to read the room and adjusting the set according to the audience’s response. With a pop song, you’ve got a moment to make a movement, but with music such as old skool rhythm and blues, a couple can make minutes last while dipping to a slow, sensual groove.

Selected works by Ngadi capture the essence of this pivotal moment and its ability to affect a range of people, anywhere at any time. From the intimacy of a small house party to the underground basement scene, we are opened up to new worlds where vibration and energy mix in an almost dream-like way. 

With music being the centerpiece, we can imagine heart pumping pop and symphonies with sensual undertones that inspire human connection. Is there sweat and desire, wild abandon or controlled flirtation? Ngadi experiments with compositions that explore these varied scenes; with the energy of the dancers being expressed through bold, block colours and organic lines. 


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