Summer In The City: 
Avni Doshi on moving to Mumbai

Within her work, Sneha enjoys drawing on themes of self-development and positive representations of different women and cultures, so this commission for The Guardian Weekend Magazine article, ‘Summer in the City’ proved a perfect fit for her style. 

Featuring six novelists, the article provides snippets of personal stories: a series of short recollections describing memorable Summers in the places that made these writers who they are. 

Sneha’s commissioned piece accompanies a piece by Avni Doshi, (author of ‘Burnt Sugar’ a novel shortlisted for the 2020 Booker Prize) who writes about moving to Mumbai in 2007, and who is also of South Asian descent. 

Lightly touching on themes of home comforts, culture and tender relationships, Sneha’s depiction of the short story highlights the connection felt between a young Indian woman and her grandmother as they bond over the ‘mission’ that is setting up the author’s kitchen in her new flat.

The written piece draws subtly on the significance of home cooking and being able to return to the familiar nuances of a respected culture even through the excitement and uncertainty of new experiences.

Being South Asian herself and having lived away from home since she was 18, Snehar says “the story is quite relatable to me. The women in our culture are the main caregivers and I have drawn inspiration from all of the women in my life who have played that role for me. It is mostly my mother and my grandmother.”

You can read the full article here


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